Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Mobile App Puts Vaccine Information in Parents’ Hands

August 29, 2017

#HCMKTG Short Takes

// By Samantha Drake //

As questions and confusion surrounding the need for childhood vaccines persist, healthcare organizations are creating easy-to-use digital resources to convey reliable vaccine information to parents. Mobile apps are a popular way to reinforce recommendations, dispel misconceptions, and build trust.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Vaccine Education Center (VEC) added an app called “Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know” to its arsenal of educational materials about vaccines and the diseases they prevent. VEC’s award-winning, free mobile app provides verified, up-to-date information about types of vaccinations, immunization schedules, and safety concerns in a simple, easily accessible format.

“The goal of the app is to get science-based information out to people who need it,” explains Charlotte Moser, VEC’s assistant director. The app has been so well received that VEC is preparing to launch its 2.0 version.

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