Digital Marketing Platforms: How Citrus Valley Health Partners Got “Stunning” Results and Georgia Regents Health System Made $40 for Every $1 Spent

April 21, 2015

Martin Kleinbart and Aubrey Hinkson are on opposite coasts, and they work for two very different healthcare organizations, Citrus Valley Health Partners in California, and Georgia Regents Health System (GR Health) in Augusta, Georgia. What they have in common is that they are both achieving a positive return on marketing investment, using Healthgrades’ multichannel marketing platform for hospitals.

“We were looking for a better way of doing growth-related activities,” says Kleinbart. “We quickly settled on CPM/Healthgrades. I thought it was the best product out there.”

Hinkson says, “We also take advantage of their strategic planning and forecasting platform, which has been a critical part of our planning process.”

Here we explore how Citrus Valley was able to grow patient volume, build awareness, and prove return on investment, and how GR Health gained a better understanding of its markets, target audiences, and where to focus.

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