HCIC 2021 – Live! in Las Vegas

August 22, 2021

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

jane-brubakerViva live conferences! When HCIC convenes in Las Vegas in November, it will feel like a long-deferred family reunion. Virtual conferences and video chat have kept us safe and connected during COVID, but there’s nothing like the shared energy of an in-person meeting.


Kathy Divis, president and co-founder of Greystone.Net and eHST editorial advisory board member

This year is the 25th anniversary of HCIC. Launched in 1996 — 11 years before Apple introduced the now ubiquitous iPhone — the conference has played an essential role in helping the industry grow and evolve and embrace digital technologies that are essential in today’s environment.

“It’ll be almost two years since we’ve been together in person, so it’ll be an opportunity to really learn from colleagues, friends, and vendors and to be able to share your insights, too,” says Kathy Divis, president and co-founder of Greystone.Net, producers of HCIC. The value, she notes, is “just to get out of your home environment and understand what’s really happening in the marketplace, what are the new solutions, how organizations are addressing everything that’s changed recently.”

Michael Schneider, executive vice president and co-founder, Greystone.Net

Michael Schneider, executive vice president and co-founder, Greystone.Net

Mike Schneider is Greystone.Net’s executive vice president and co-founder. “If you’re in the healthcare digital space, this is the one place you can go to learn what your colleagues and peers are doing. It’s a huge networking opportunity,” he says, adding that HCIC “gives you an opportunity to talk to other folks who are in the same situation as you, who have dealt with many of the same issues that you’ve dealt with.”

Here’s what’s in store for you at HCIC, November 2-4 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

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