Common SEO Myths That Can Hurt Healthcare Websites

November 29, 2017
Kyle Mills, manager of online marketing at Practis

Kyle Mills, manager of online marketing at Practis

“In the big picture of digital marketing, SEO is truly the most misunderstood portion,” says Kyle Mills, manager of online marketing at Practis, a North Carolina-based healthcare digital marketing agency.

One of the biggest myths around SEO is that websites can be optimized once and have long-term success. The fact is that SEO is not a “set it and forget it” tool. As technology evolves, people search for content in different ways, and search engines adapt their algorithms to better serve users.

In our new article, we explore and debunk several SEO myths that influence healthcare marketers. Plus, we offer proactive guidance on where to focus for better SEO results.

Read it now: Debunking Myths About Healthcare and Pharma SEO

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