How Big Data Can Help Boost Brand Awareness

July 19, 2017
Bill Wax, president and founder of Wax Custom Communications

Bill Wax, president and founder of Wax Custom Communications

South Nassau Communities Hospital (SNCH) in Oceanside, New York, knew it needed to elevate brand awareness in a market dominated by better-known hospitals on Long Island, and world-famous hospitals in nearby Manhattan.

“They are the David in the sea of Goliaths in New York and Long Island,” says Bill Wax, president and founder of healthcare marketing agency Wax Custom Communications in Miami.

Several years ago, Wax and SNCH developed a campaign based on what the hospital leadership believed was most important to consumers. The results were not what they hoped for. “We received feedback that we were pushing the needle just slightly,” says Wax.

They went back to the drawing board and developed a second campaign using big data to draw a precise picture of what consumers in SNCH’s target area look like, and what they are interested in. Then they created a campaign tailored to consumers’ specific interests.

To get all the details, including the results of the campaign, read the full story now:

Big Data Delivers for South Nassau Communities Hospital

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