New Technology Platform Automates Market Research

June 6, 2018

Can traditional market research keep up with the need for speed in today’s digital environment? Maybe not, if studies are carried out in the traditional way. A new technology platform, Methodify, is helping health systems in our neighbor to the north accelerate the traditional market research process.

Steve Mast, president and chief innovation officer at Delvinia

Steve Mast, president and chief innovation officer at Delvinia

Methodify enables organizations to collect feedback and insights from key patient audiences quickly and repeatedly as new concepts are tested and refined. With preset “methodologies” developed by either in-house market research professionals or by experts from respected companies such as Kantar, the platform automates the research process, shrinks the turnaround time without compromising quality, and delivers insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

“The ability to quickly understand the patient, understand the experience they’re having, their journey to becoming healthier, a lot of the traditional methods to be able to do that are quite frankly out of date,” says Steve Mast, president and chief innovation officer at Toronto-based innovation firm Delvinia, parent company of Methodify.

No organization wants to be featured in the media for being out of touch with consumers. Yet even companies with huge media budgets can guess wrong about what will resonate with consumers. Huffington Post called out Pepsi, Dove, Gap Kids, Sony, and others in its article “9 Shockingly Tone-Deaf Ads That Should Have Never Happened.”

Additionally, with lean budgets and a mandate to demonstrate results, healthcare marketers cannot afford to waste scarce resources on the wrong campaign concept or a faulty digital patient experience.

In our new article, we take a closer look at Methodify and see how it helped two Canadian healthcare organizations gather insights throughout the development process, and move forward confidently.

Read it now: Agile, Automated Market Research Platform Accelerates Insights

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