I’m Human. Are You?

October 9, 2019

// By Christy Pretzinger //

When I began freelancing in the early ’90s, a fax machine was the only so-called “digital” equipment I had. When I had conference calls, I put my dog in the other room so my clients wouldn’t know I was working from home. Obviously, times have changed.

Technology is ubiquitous. And it seems to me that in many cases, personal interactions have suffered with its growth.

As I ponder the effects of a digitized world, I wonder about its consequences for healthcare consumers.

At WriterGirl, we create content for healthcare consumers across the country. When we write, we think about the people on the other end. What is bringing them to this piece of content? Is our language plain enough to help them make decisions when faced with serious or scary health challenges? Is our tone welcoming?

It seems to me that hospitals and health systems have an unrivaled opportunity to treat every interaction with a healthcare consumer — virtual or otherwise — as a chance to communicate with a person. After all, no matter the method, all communication is still a one-to-one, person-to-person exchange.

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