Mayo Clinic Lends a Hand to Healthcare Startups

February 9, 2022

Eric Harnisch, senior director, Advanced and Emerging Technologies, Mayo Clinic Platform

Health tech is booming. With digital technology, healthcare providers can offer patients effective interventions, in-person and remotely. This has become increasingly important throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, as the use of telehealth and remote monitoring has accelerated.

According to the latest Healthcare Investment and Exits report from the Silicon Valley Bank, investors are pouring billions into health tech companies — $15.3 billion in 2020, up from $10.6 billion in 2019.

For health tech startups in the seed to series A — those companies with a minimum viable product (MVP) at one institution or with gaps in clinical evidence — Mayo Clinic is helping to provide model and clinical validation. In March, Mayo Clinic Platform (MCP) Accelerate program will help early-stage health tech AI (artificial intelligence) startups get market-ready with a 20-week training program.

“[It is] a program designed to help early-stage companies with an innovative idea in the proof-of-concept stage focus on clinical validation and readiness,” says Eric Harnisch, senior director, Advanced and Emerging Technologies at Mayo Clinic Platform.

MCP_Accelerate is one of several initiatives in the Mayo Clinic Platform, a division established by the health system in 2019 to harness emerging technologies to provide the best possible care to everyone, everywhere.

“Organizations have been collaborating with each other for a long time. What we wanted to do with the Platform was build an ecosystem of trusted partners to enable new knowledge, new solutions, and new technologies,” Harnisch says.

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Startups Get a Leg Up with Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate

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