Now What? What to Do AFTER Your Brand-New Website Has Launched

March 4, 2016

Hint: It’s not taking up a new hobby.

// By Dagmara Scalise //

Dagmara ScaliseSo, the website redesign you and your team have been consumed by for the past year or two is finally finished and launched. Congratulations. Take a few minutes to bask in the glow of your well-deserved success. A redesign is an enormous undertaking that can literally take over your entire work life, especially as you approach launch and have to worry about moving, revising, or rewriting thousands of pages of content. But now that it’s finished, you can move on, right?

Not quite. Trust us, there’s still plenty to do.

Your website is the foundation of your marketing engine. As such, the website launch actually marks the beginning of the real work it needs to accomplish, which is to say, attracting and converting your audiences, transforming interest into engagement, and engagement into revenue. Here are four things you should be thinking about after you’ve congratulated your team for getting to this point.

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