Optimizing the Patient Experience: Finding Inspiration in Retail, Manufacturing, and Finance Industries

July 3, 2019

// By Melanie Graham //

Melanie GrahamRegular readers of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends are likely familiar with the exciting advances in digital patient care and communications. Whether it’s improved chatbot experiences, personalized websites, or new uses for smart technology, healthcare is making some notable progress in how it delivers the patient experience.

But when comparing this industry to others, healthcare can still learn by example.

Venkatesh Korla, CEO of Element Solutions

Venkatesh Korla, CEO of Element Solutions

“There’s a lot of innovation happening outside the industry, and bringing that innovation into healthcare is important,” says Venkatesh Korla, CEO of Element Solutions.

Korla and his colleagues at Element work to create digital solutions for enterprises to improve customer experience and business operations. Korla and Virgil Wong, Element’s executive director of digital experience/creative, sat down with us to share a few case studies that could provide some cross-industry inspiration.

Whether it’s retail, finance, or manufacturing, healthcare leaders can look at how other industries are changing the customer experience and find ways to translate that into better healthcare delivery.

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