Podcast Picks

February 27, 2019

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Jane Weber Brubaker

What is it about podcasts that makes the good ones so fun to listen to? Here’s what I think: It’s the same reason you wind up sitting in your parked car, having arrived at your destination, so you can hear the end of a great story on NPR.

It’s real. It’s in-depth. It’s not just a 15-second sound bite on the evening news. It may not be perfect — it doesn’t have to be scripted. It’s mostly just good conversation among smart people talking about things that interest you.

Here, we’ve selected a few of our favorites from industry leaders, including some of our own Editorial Advisory Board members — about digital marketing, culture, and communications — and we added a couple of other very popular podcasts that define the space and set the bar for others.

There are 630,000 podcasts out there, according to Podcast Insights. Here are seven, picked for you. Happy listening!

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