Practical Uses of AI to Help Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

January 31, 2024

While there is a lot of noise and hype around AI, healthcare marketers see the benefits of taking a practical approach. Real-world examples can inspire us and showcase AI’s transformative impact on consumer engagement, internal communications, and even healthcare recruitment.

Woman with long blond hair smiling. This is Jenny Collopy of The Christ Hospital Health Network, who discusses practical applications of AI in healthcare marketing.

Jenny Collopy, vice president, chief marketing and communications officer, The Christ Hospital Health Network

Four panelists presented on this topic on eHealthcare Strategy & Trends’ webinar, December 13, 2023.

Panelists included Jenny Collopy, vice president, chief marketing and communications officer at The Christ Hospital Health Network; John Elder, co-founder and CEO at Supernatural; Mike Barrett, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Supernatural; and Bianca Chaer, strategist at Supernatural.

On the heels of the pandemic and recurring staffing shortages, the healthcare sector has had a challenging few years. The need for more relevant content covering more channels — externally and internally — has been increasing, while budgets generally have not kept pace with demand. It seems that every year healthcare marketers are asked to do more with less.

The panelists convened for a dive deep into the topic of AI for healthcare marketing and how it can help organizations overcome some of the challenges our industry faces. Collopy shared her experiences with, hopes for, and challenges with AI in healthcare communications. The Supernatural team then reviewed how it has developed an AI-powered platform called Merlyn that helps clients get more work done in less time.

In our new article, you’ll learn practical uses of AI that can help you gain a better understanding of your audience, create campaigns, and infuse consistent messaging throughout your organization.

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