Focus on Artificial Intelligence: The State of AI in Digital Healthcare Marketing

March 14, 2023

Exclusive Member Report

Use of artificial intelligence in healthcare marketing is still in the early stages of experimentation. Yet, forward-thinking marketers are collaborating with technology partners to explore ways AI can give them new capabilities and better serve patients and consumers.

AI is a big, broad umbrella of technology applications, and terms like machine learning, intent, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing are becoming more familiar as new use cases emerge.

In this exclusive special report, we look at AI from all angles and share case studies and best practices from industry leaders and innovators.

You’ll learn:

  • How ChatGPT is already transforming the world of communications, and how it presents both opportunity and risks — particularly for healthcare.
  • How HonorHealth uses AI tools to triage patients based on their symptoms, recommend the right level of care, and point them to the most appropriate care location.
  • Why Dr. Hank Capps, Wellstar Health’s EVP and chief information and digital officer thinks AI hasn’t yet gotten to the “holy grail” — helping patients in an automated way know what they need to do next. 
  • How Yuma Regional Medical Center uses AI-based reputation management to pinpoint and address the precise issues consumers are most concerned about.
  • How UNC Health uses natural language processing to create a Google-like search experience on its own website and improve site search results over time via machine learning.
  • How Virtua Health uses AI analytics to match target marketing efforts to the system’s capacity.
  • How AI can turn long-form content into social media posts, modeling past engagement.

Our goal for this report — and all eHealthcare Strategy & Trends content — is to give you tools and tips, information and inspiration to develop your skills as a leader. We are confident that you will find high-value, actionable ideas you can put to work for the benefit of your organization.