Providence’s DexCare Platform Streamlines Access for Patients and Providers

June 12, 2024

Who best to solve a complex problem than someone who’s repeatedly felt its sting?


Sara Vaezy, EVP, chief strategy & digital officer at Providence

That’s what leaders at Providence learned, and now their commercialization of the resulting platform, DexCare, is on track to help other healthcare organizations be discovered and match the right care with the right provider and modality at the right time. After all, not doing so is inefficient and costly.

Research shows that one of the biggest challenges in health systems and physician enterprises is managing the supply and demand of healthcare, says Jamie Gier, DexCare’s chief marketing officer.

According to DexCare’s website, “The DexCare platform automatically allocates, scales, and optimizes health system resources to best meet both consumer demand and business goals — expanding the reach of all service lines into a new, digital and on-demand consumer arena.”

Sara Vaezy, EVP, chief strategy & digital officer at Providence, says that product development of DexCare really came down to three things:

  • Help patients discover the right thing for them.
  • Match and navigate them to that right thing.
  • Then match supply to demand.

She notes, “And when we got that, we really got it.”

The two recently shared their journey to address the mismatch of healthcare supply and demand and commercialize their solution with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends.

Read the full article here: Built from Inside Providence, DexCare Creates and Markets Platform to Improve Access

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