Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Uses Native App Development Platform from MobileSmith to Create Branded Apps

February 4, 2015

RWJUH-app-screen-captureIt would be a big upgrade to have your branded hospital app available for download in the iTunes or Google Play app stores. But how do you build a native app for Apple and Android devices? If your hospital is like most, you don’t have that expertise in house.

The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) had built a fully functional Web app for the hospital’s Executive Health program. But it wasn’t a native app. Andrew Quinn, RWJUH Interactive Marketing Director, was wondering how to overcome that obstacle when he got a cold call from MobileSmith. “The Web-based application that MobileSmith has for their clients allows you to drag and drop elements that you want to include and plug them in,” Quinn said. “You don’t need a computer science degree to use this product.” The RWJUH Executive Health native app is now available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

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