Should Influencer Marketing Be Part of Your Marketing Mix?

November 29, 2023

When you think of influencer marketing, do celebrities like LeBron James and Taylor Swift and their millions of followers come to mind? Ochsner Health is thinking small, successfully leveraging “micro-influencers” — those with 1,000 followers or more — to get the word out in Louisiana about choosing healthy habits.

man in a black shirt crossing arms

Craig Fairfield, managing director at Wax Custom Communications

Ochsner chose to tap into the power of social media influencers for one big reason: one in five Americans trust health influencers more than medical professionals. Even so, to convince your leadership to invest in influencer marketing, you might have to answer questions like: How do you find the right influencers? How do you control the message? Is the message credible if the influencer is being paid to deliver it?

“One of the biggest concerns our leaders had was credibility,” says Adair LeBlanc, manager of digital content at Ochsner.

LeBlanc presented Ochsner’s influencer campaign at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Los Angeles in November, with Craig Fairfield, managing director, and Amanda Herriman, senior marketing strategist at Wax Custom Communications. In their presentation, “Using Influencer Marketing to Amplify Ongoing Population Health Efforts,” they shared Ochsner’s experience with influencer marketing and offered tips for others seeking to use this channel as part of their marketing mix.

In our new article, you’ll discover how Ochsner Health successfully leveraged micro-influencers to amplify their population health efforts. You’ll also get valuable tips on finding the right influencers, pitching effectively, and understanding influencer dynamics to help you navigate the realm of influencer marketing with ease.

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