Want to Earn Media from Top Influencers? Avoid These 6 Mistakes

September 6, 2018

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

Your digital marketing content is honed to perfection, but have you packaged it to resonate with key influencers who can help you extend your presence? Your answer could be the difference between success and failure, says Stephen Panico, chief growth officer of Buzzstream.

Making Meaningful Connections to Build Your Presence

Stephen Panico, chief growth officer of Buzzstream

Stephen Panico, chief growth officer of Buzzstream

Buzzstream is one of a growing number of services offering tools that help healthcare organizations, agencies, and companies connect with bloggers, journalists, and others who are prominent on social media channels to grow their presence and reach a larger audience.

The premise, Panico points out, is part of the broader concept of inbound marketing. This is the term used to describe building great content in the form of blogs, social media content, website messaging, and even email content that you create to attract the “right” contacts to connect with you, build their trust, develop long-term relationships, and hopefully drive others to be aware of, link to, and share your content. Links from their website back to yours are especially coveted. Inbound links are essential to getting your website to appear on Google search results.

Staying Up with the Latest Trends

Panico says that in the past, internet marketing was not as complicated. But fast-forward to 2018 and the science of capturing the search engine results page has become more sophisticated, leaving some healthcare organizations struggling to find their marketing niche. Worse yet, some groups find that every time they get a foothold in the content marketing world, the rules shift, and they have to start all over again to find the right path to the top.

Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Panico and his colleagues recently analyzed 12,000 content marketing campaigns, including those run by healthcare organizations, to understand what works — and what doesn’t — in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Here are six common mistakes that could sabotage your content marketing plans, along with advice on how to correct them.

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