Strategies to Implement Effective Provider Data Management to Improve Patient Experience

May 1, 2024

Jessica West, director, Content & Media at Piedmont Health

Provider data management plays a critical role in enhancing the patient experience, but it takes the right strategy and technologies to execute successfully. Health systems can struggle to see all the benefits of managing provider data when they are juggling revenue growth, controlling costs, recruiting and retaining talent, evolving digital tools, and other priorities.

Four panelists presented on this topic on eHealthcare Strategy & Trends’ webinar held March 13, 2024.

Panelists included Keir Bradshaw, executive vice president, solution consultant at MERGE; Jeff Stewart, vice president of Strategic Marketing at CHRISTUS Health; Jessica West, director, Content & Media at Piedmont Healthcare; and Val Lopez, assistant vice president, Digital Marketing and Technology at Baptist Health.

The panel shared best practices for implementing effective provider data management strategies and how these insights empower patients with accurate information and improved access to care.

Themes include:

  • Insights into how provider data impacts patient trust and the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery systems.
  • Innovative technologies and systems that can assist in the effective management and maintenance of provider data.
  • Best practices for implementing a robust provider data management strategy that can directly improve the patient experience.

Read the full article to learn more: Provider Data Management: An Essential Key to Better Patient Experience

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