Survey Highlights Healthcare Digital Marketing’s Growth, Challenges

April 8, 2019

// By Jared Johnson //

Jared JohnsonDigital marketing in healthcare is in the midst of an evolution, with some revealing trends, including a mixed view of customer relationship management (CRM) and emerging technologies, according to the 4th Annual State of Digital Marketing for Hospitals report.

The report, administered by Greystone.Net and Klein & Partners, highlights responses compiled from more than 200 healthcare marketing and digital professionals who completed the annual survey in the second half of 2018. The responses provide valuable insights for CEOs, CMOs, web and digital managers, and others involved in setting the current and future state of healthcare marketing.

Michael Schneider, executive vice president and co-founder, Greystone.Net

Michael Schneider, executive vice president and co-founder, Greystone.Net

“I always find this study so interesting because it gives us a snapshot perspective of what is happening with digital marketing in the hospital and healthcare system vertical,” said Mike Schneider, partner at Greystone.Net. “It’s like we take an industry selfie every year and we get the opportunity to look back at what has changed year to year.”

Key Takeaways

Two of the things that changed significantly in 2018 were mobile website growth and lack of confidence in CRM usage, according to Schneider.

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