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How AI Can Improve Your Site’s Search Functionality

Carrie Liken

Nowadays, we can type long, complex phrases into a search box and find pretty much exactly what we’re looking for on Google. Machine learning is running in the background, getting smarter and smarter. What if health system site searches could be that good? With a form of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, it’s becoming a Read More

How UNC Health Makes Site Search More Google-Like


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Can AI make Find A Doctor functionality and site search work better for consumers? Think back to the earliest days of online search, when keywords first came to be. A typical call to action — in a TV spot or a print ad — would be something like this: Read More

How Location Details Optimize Your Digital Strategy

Katie O’Brien, director of digital strategy, UNC Health Care

Do you include your facility locations as a component of your organization’s digital strategy? If not, you could be sacrificing market share.  With a growing number of Americans turning to their mobile phones to search for healthcare providers in their area, it’s more important than ever that your website content be optimized to allow people Read More