How Location Details Optimize Your Digital Strategy

February 20, 2019

Do you include your facility locations as a component of your organization’s digital strategy? If not, you could be sacrificing market share. 

With a growing number of Americans turning to their mobile phones to search for healthcare providers in their area, it’s more important than ever that your website content be optimized to allow people to easily find your local physicians and services, and book an appointment.

Katie O’Brien, director of digital strategy, UNC Health Care

Katie O’Brien, director of digital strategy, UNC Health Care

UNC Health Care recently stepped up its efforts in this area and discovered the benefits of focusing on location as a major differentiator to grow its patient base. Taking a location-centric approach now helps UNC gain more market share in areas it serves.

Katie O’Brien, director of digital strategy, UNC Health Care, recently shared UNC’s experiences. Geonetric, a digital marketing agency that also provides software development expertise, helped guide UNC on its journey to strengthen its online presence and make it more relevant for today’s increasingly mobile marketplace.

As a not-for-profit integrated healthcare system owned by the State of North Carolina, UNC offers a broad range of services and numerous facilities, including UNC Hospitals and its provider network UNCPN, the UNC School of Medicine, and 11 affiliated hospitals throughout North Carolina. While its services and audience have always spanned a wide range, in recent years the system has also experienced significant growth, which has posed many challenges in creating a consistent brand image across all touchpoints.

“Academic health centers generally have a lot of unique brands, and at UNC, we wanted to pull them all together,” O’Brien says.

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