Third-Party Cookie Deprecation: What You Should Do to Get Ready

October 25, 2021

// By Jim Samuel //

Jim-SamuelThird-party cookies may have received a reprieve, but that only gives you more time to prepare for their eventual demise. Whether it’s because of Apple’s security updates to its email app, Google’s end to support for cookies, or the new privacy laws in many states and countries, organizations that rely on third-party data should start planning now for the day it all goes away.

If you use third-party data for your marketing, it’s time for you to start getting ready to do something different. That’s because new privacy laws around the world, as well as new measures from Apple and Google, will soon make using third-party data a thing of the past.

Coming changes will give consumers more control over their personal data. But those changes will come at a cost to marketers who use third-party data, explains Samantha Ngo, director of product marketing at BlueConic, a Boston-area digital marketing agency. Ngo’s remarks came during a recent webinar titled “Planning for the Deprecation of Third-Party Data” conducted by eMarketer.

Samantha Ngo

Samantha Ngo, director of product marketing, BlueConic

“It’s definitely something that’s top-of-mind. I think it has been top-of-mind for a few years now if we think about GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] launching back in 2018,” Ngo says. “What it means now for marketers is having to get in place all the things they need to do for when their data sources start to deplete.”

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