Trends, Predictions, and the User Experience Movement

November 14, 2019

Learn the biggest takeaways from 2019, what to expect for 2020, and why user experience is at the heart of it all.

// By Ben Dillon //

Toward the beginning of a new year, everyone gets excited about trends. But trends don’t start or end in a single year. Sometimes they are more of a movement, something that has been building momentum over the past several years. Let’s look at what healthcare marketers have focused on in 2019 and what’s likely around the corner in 2020.

A Look Back at 2019

This year saw a continuation of healthcare organizations owning more of the financial risk around their patients. Value-based care models are changing the fundamental relationships among payers, providers, and consumers. Added to that, most organizations face a growing pool of competitors, including geographic expansion of traditional competitors, competition from independent physician groups, pressure from retail giants like CVS and Walmart, and the emergence of startups that target high-value, low-complexity cases.

Here, Ben discusses how change and competition impacted healthcare marketing in 2019 and predicts how the changing landscape will be a springboard for growth in 2020 — if healthcare marketers focus on the right things.

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