Video Patient Testimonials: The Power of Storytelling in Healthcare Marketing

March 30, 2016

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Joel Philippsen

Joel Philippsen, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Columbus Regional Health

Jack Banks is on the facilities staff of Columbus Regional Health. “One day during his lunch break he had a pulmonary embolism here at the hospital and he collapsed,” says Joel Philippsen, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Columbus Regional Health.

In the video that follows, produced by Philippsen, Jack shares about his life and near-death experience on an otherwise normal workday. “Being a tradesman, working in a hospital, at lunchtime, and dying, everyone around you knows how to do something about that to take care of you, to give you another chance,” says Banks. Watch the video to hear the rest of his story.

Making It Real

“When I’m trying to present a story through video, I want to make it as genuine as possible,” says Philippsen. “I want this person’s story to sell itself and I’m just giving it a medium to exist.” A former newspaper photojournalist, Philippsen believes the key to a successful video is the story it tells. “Don’t get too caught up in equipment,” he recommended during his presentation at HCIC 2015. “The most important part is the story itself.”

We followed up with him to learn more about the nuances of storytelling, tips for interviewing patients, technical considerations, and best practices for running a smooth production. We also found some great tips for using an iPhone to shoot video, in a video shot with an iPhone.

Plus in this sidebar article, Philippsen has also shared specific things he would do differently now compared to when he started filming patient testimonials.

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