What Mistakes Do Healthcare Organizations Make in Digital Communications, and How Do We Solve Them?

September 3, 2019

Ask the Expert, with Kelly Faley, Vice President, Digital Strategies at Sharp HealthCare

// By Jared Johnson //

The days of operations teams developing services and simply handing them to marketing to promote are over. The marketing team represents the voice of the customer, and marketing teams need to be equal, active participants in digital transformation, or their organizations will miss opportunities. Kelly Faley, vice president of digital strategies at Sharp HealthCare, recently shared her observations on how digital marketing is evolving, and what marketers need to do better to meet consumers’ ever-changing digital needs.

eHST: In general, where should healthcare marketers focus today, and how is it different from two to three years ago?

Kelly Faley, vice president of digital strategies, Sharp HealthCare

Kelly Faley, vice president of digital strategies, Sharp HealthCare

KF: More than ever, I think healthcare marketers — especially digital marketers — should focus on collaboration with the operations teams of their health systems. Traditionally, the operations and strategy teams would develop new services or offers, and then lean on the marketing team to promote them. But today, the world is in the midst of a complete digital transformation.

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