A Data-Enabled Approach to Patient and Referral Growth

September 25, 2023

Contemporary solutions leveraging AI, big data, and proven customer platforms provide a breakthrough opportunity for health system growth when it is most needed. When data and technology are used to view patient and provider behavior in the market holistically, new opportunities come to light.

// By Rich Phillips //

Phillips-Rich-HuronNever before has the role of the healthcare marketing leader been more crucial to health system performance. Following waves of COVID, the resulting depletion of both operational capacity and emotional stamina forced health systems to grapple with the brutal combination of rising costs and diminishing access.

The ensuing reductions in staffing and closing of services have stabilized financial performance (for now) but left executives with a burning question: How can we propel this organization forward to renewed vitality?

Increasingly, health system CEOs, CFOs, and clinical leadership are coming to the inevitable conclusion that “we can’t cut our way to success.” Therefore, growth is the natural lever to be pulled in restoring both the financial performance of the organization and the emotional energy of every team member.

But years of losses have depleted balance sheets, limiting use of traditional, capital-intensive means of growth involving acquisitions, facility expansion, or cultivation of new service areas. With fragile — or negative — operating income, it is crucial to activate fast-to-value alternatives that rapidly deliver financial results.

Smart, precise, timely growth measures can efficiently identify volume opportunities and calibrate demand stimulation to match available capacity.

Health systems can seize on those opportunities through targeted outreach methods, both for direct-to-consumer marketing and physician referral management.

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