A Best in Breed Data Platform + Healthcare CRM: A “Match Made in Heaven”


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // If the promise of CRM in healthcare has been largely unfulfilled, data silos are partially to blame. Innovaccer’s acquisition of digital marketing and CRM platform Cured earlier this year could solve data challenges and accelerate growth for health systems. One benefit of mixing and mingling at industry events is Read More

Lehigh Valley Health Network Leverages Digital Tools to Enhance Organizational Culture


In today’s healthcare environment, enhancing organizational culture has never been more important or challenging. It requires dedicated focus and the need for marketers to adapt to more diverse employee, leader, and physician communication needs. How do you build and maintain a strong organizational culture in a rapidly growing health system? That’s the challenge Lehigh Valley Read More

Answering the Call for Growth Through Data-Enabled Solutions


Never before has the role of the healthcare marketing leader been more crucial to health system performance. Following waves of COVID, the resulting depletion of both operational capacity and emotional stamina forced health systems to grapple with the brutal combination of rising costs and diminishing access. The ensuing reductions in staffing and closing of services Read More

A Data-Enabled Approach to Patient and Referral Growth


Contemporary solutions leveraging AI, big data, and proven customer platforms provide a breakthrough opportunity for health system growth when it is most needed. When data and technology are used to view patient and provider behavior in the market holistically, new opportunities come to light. // By Rich Phillips // Never before has the role of Read More

Healthcare CRM: Leverage Your Existing Data to Drive Patient Activation

Actium logo

In healthcare, CRM is often referred to as the software itself — as a noun — versus the activity of managing customers — a verb. In some cases, it’s a checkbox for a technology neither mapped to organizational goals nor mapped to driving metrics that matter to the health system. Innovative health systems have started Read More

CRM Is a Verb, Not a Noun

Alan Tam

Ask the Expert, with Alan Tam, Vice President of Marketing, Actium Health // By Jared Johnson // This month’s featured expert believes that CRM implementations in healthcare should deliver on business metrics that matter — revenue growth, cost reduction, patient outcomes, and ROI. In healthcare, CRM is often referred to as the software itself — Read More

When Evaluating Effectiveness of Marketing Initiatives, Don’t Stop at ROI


We were intrigued by the first two words of a presentation given by two marketing leaders from Ochsner Health at the 2021 Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC): Beyond ROI. Healthcare marketers have learned that provable ROI, or return on investment, helps them make the case for increased investment. But what’s beyond that? So much more, it Read More

Beyond ROI: How Can You Use Your Marketing Data to Understand Patient Needs, Support Operational Growth, and Inform Business Strategy?

Amber Welch, director of digital content for Ochsner Health System

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // While many health systems struggle to consolidate data that exists in silos, Ochsner Health’s marketing team has succeeded in wrestling its data to the ground. Insights gleaned from the data are revealing opportunities for investment in new strategic growth initiatives. We were intrigued by the first two words of Read More

Making Every Dollar Count When Budgets Are Limited


Connecticut is a small state with a large number of healthcare facilities to choose from — and now even drug stores turned health hubs are competing for the same patients. “There’s a lot of noise out there,” says Cathie Cannon, assistant vice president of health communications at UConn Health. “Consumers have a lot of options Read More

Assess How You’re Collecting and Using Your Healthcare Data


“From digital data streams to artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, the prevalence and use of marketing data is growing exponentially,” says Daniel Fell of Optum. “According to a recent State of Marketing report from Salesforce, the median number of data sources used by marketers grew 50 percent from 2019 to 2021. And the report showed Read More