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When It Comes to Content, Cleveland Clinic Is Never Content


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Five principles for leading your organization’s digital marketing efforts. Amanda Todorovich, Cleveland Clinic’s executive director of content marketing, freely admits that the scope of what she and her team are tasked with is not typical. How often does a CEO ask what it would take to become the best Read More

Digital Content Drives Visibility for Specialists at Baptist Health


// By Jane Weber Brubaker  // When it comes to media consumption, digital is winning. And that goes for physicians, not just consumers. Quality content, available on digital channels, raises awareness of your services, and forges strong connections with engaged referring physicians. When your health system is launching a major new service line and rapidly Read More

Health System Website Revamp? How to Win Over Stakeholders

Aaron Watkins

When starting a health system website revamp, numerous decisions have to be made. What are the priorities? Who will have the final word? How will you align your decisions with your health system’s strategic plan? But most importantly, how will you engage your stakeholders and win their approval when doing a health system website revamp? Read More

Revamping Websites: The Art of Persuading Internal Stakeholders


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // When it comes to web redesign, everyone thinks they’re an expert. Here are some tips from the real experts on how to navigate those internal conversations. It can feel like a tug of war to be a digital marketer in a health system. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you Read More

When Evaluating Effectiveness of Marketing Initiatives, Don’t Stop at ROI


We were intrigued by the first two words of a presentation given by two marketing leaders from Ochsner Health at the 2021 Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC): Beyond ROI. Healthcare marketers have learned that provable ROI, or return on investment, helps them make the case for increased investment. But what’s beyond that? So much more, it Read More

Standard Definitions Improve Content Delivery and Communications

aha media

“The terms ‘content marketing’ and ‘content strategy’ get slung around like so many shiny, whole tunas at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle,” says Ahava Leibtag of Aha Media Group. “As content production in healthcare has increased, the need for tools and documentation to keep teams aligned and efficient has also risen.” Here’s an excerpt from Read More

Beyond ROI: How Can You Use Your Marketing Data to Understand Patient Needs, Support Operational Growth, and Inform Business Strategy?

Amber Welch, director of digital content for Ochsner Health System

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // While many health systems struggle to consolidate data that exists in silos, Ochsner Health’s marketing team has succeeded in wrestling its data to the ground. Insights gleaned from the data are revealing opportunities for investment in new strategic growth initiatives. We were intrigued by the first two words of Read More

Slippery Fish: Defining Content, Content Strategy, and Content Marketing


// By Ahava Leibtag // When we speak to executives, our colleagues, teams, and vendors, it’s in our best interest to use these terms consistently to avoid confusion and frustration. The terms “content marketing” and “content strategy” get slung around like so many shiny, whole tunas at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. As content production Read More

Making Every Dollar Count When Budgets Are Limited


Connecticut is a small state with a large number of healthcare facilities to choose from — and now even drug stores turned health hubs are competing for the same patients. “There’s a lot of noise out there,” says Cathie Cannon, assistant vice president of health communications at UConn Health. “Consumers have a lot of options Read More