AI Bringing Nuance and Depth to Customer Feedback on Important Issues

June 29, 2022

Annie Hafner Haarmann, head of strategy and consulting, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Reputation

Artificial intelligence (AI) gives healthcare organizations the ability to gain a better understanding of customer behavior, needs, and concerns, analyze data in real time, and strengthen customer engagement.

AI enables collection of more patient feedback at a much bigger scale, and this means a more robust, statistically significant data set that supports strategic decisions and allows leadership to prioritize the issues that are of most concern to their customers.

For example, a hospital system may know that scheduling is a challenge for customers, but they also need to know how this issue compares to other issues in terms of priority. If hospital leaders can see that the highest percentage of negative customer reviews they receive are related to a specific challenge, they can focus first on this area of improvement.

“Automation makes it possible to respond and resolve service recovery issues in real time instead of waiting weeks to find out about a complaint from a paper survey,” says Annie Hafner Haarmann at Reputation.

“AI helps us to analyze and see patterns that in the past would have taken an entire team to recognize,” says Haarmann. “We now have types of AI such as natural language processing, which allows us to pick up on key themes in large data sets that were previously considered separate.

“The irony of using AI … is that it enables you to be more empathetic and more human-centered,” she says.

Read the full story now and learn how Yuma Regional Medical Center and Reputation are using AI data to help the hospital pin down and resolve telephone issues that are of high concern for customers:

AI Helps Yuma Regional Medical Center Understand What Matters Most to Patients

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