Ask the Expert: What Are the Critical Factors to Consider During a Website Redesign?

January 27, 2016

// By Chris Behan //

Chris BehanWith so many healthcare organizations planning or undergoing major website redesigns, the need for expert guidance to ensure success has never been greater. We asked Web content and search engine optimization expert Chris Behan, President and Founder of Socius Marketing, to weigh in on some of the potential pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

A complete redesign and development of your website can be a daunting process for any size organization, and the challenges posed may be wide-ranging. Simply balancing the technical requirements of your website with the business needs of the marketing, PR, and executive teams can be a task in and of itself.

If all goes well, there is much to gain, and organizations can move forward rapidly. But more often than not, things may be missed during a site redesign, setting organizations back by months, or even years.

Here are six critical factors to pay close attention to during your website redesign that will help you avoid unintended consequences.

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