Discover the Research and Strategic Decisions Behind a Hospital’s New Mobile App for Families

August 24, 2022
Christopher Neuharth

Christopher Neuharth, executive director of digital health and experience at Children’s Wisconsin

When your kid is sick, you need a quick and easy way to get information about what to do. Should you go to the ER? Or is a virtual visit appropriate? Is urgent care the best option, or an office visit with your pediatrician?

Children’s Wisconsin wanted to give families a tool that would meet their needs for information and guidance and include features that would seamlessly integrate with Epic MyChart, technology the families already knew and used.

The health system teamed up with digital agency Modea to build a mobile app that would achieve these goals. The resulting app retains familiar MyChart features and adds much more functionality.

For Bryce Cannon, president at Modea, “MyChart is part of the experience. It looks and feels primarily like MyChart, but it is well integrated with the rest of the feature set in the application,” he says. “You don’t have to log in or go somewhere separate to interact with MyChart as part of the experience.”

Christopher Neuharth is executive director of digital health and experience at Children’s Wisconsin. “We tried to minimize the amount of pain to our families from a change perspective,” he says.

Late last year Modea conducted proprietary research to better understand mobile consumers and how they engage with healthcare. The research confirms that the pandemic accelerated mobile health, especially among certain groups.

In our newest article, we share some of the key findings from Modea’s research, and examine some of the strategic decisions underpinning the design and development of the Children’s Wisconsin app. The results so far are promising.

Read the article here:
Children’s Wisconsin App Makes Access to Care Easier for Families

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