Google Marketing Platform: What Marketers Can Find in the Newly Retooled Marketing Suite

November 2, 2018

// By Melanie Graham //

Melanie GrahamAs a digital marketer, staying on top of the latest analytics trends and algorithm changes is all part of the game. Nevertheless, the summer of 2018 really kept marketers on their toes, as Google made several big announcements that have shifted the way marketers use their ad and analytics platforms.

In June, Google rolled out its new Google Marketing Platform, which merged assets from the Google Analytics 360 Suite and the DoubleClick Digital Marketing tool. The merge, Google says, will help “deliver more relevant and effective marketing.”

“We learned that the number-one priority for marketers is to better understand their customers,” writes Brad Bender, Google vice president of display and video advertising, in a blog announcement. “By offering tools that make it easy to collaborate and share insights, Google Marketing Platform helps achieve this customer-first approach to marketing.”

Brad Bender, Google vice president of display and video advertising

Brad Bender, Google vice president of display and video advertising

The same day Google unveiled its marketing platform integration, it also announced the revamp of Google AdWords — now known as Google Ads — as well as the new Ad Manager.

If it seems like a lot of changes to digest, it is. Digital marketers everywhere are still adjusting to the new names and integrations as the platforms have been transitioning over the past couple of months. Although this looks like a simple rebranding effort, Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads, and Ad Manager combine all the important tools needed to implement and track ads with Google, with the goal of giving marketers a more cohesive look at their audience and how to target it.

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