How Healthcare Organizations Should Leverage the Power of Marketing Automation

December 1, 2016
Robin Snow, Founder and Principal of Aefinity Interactive, LLC

Robin Snow, Founder and Principal of Aefinity Interactive, LLC

“Marketing automation refers to the software platforms and technologies that facilitate digital marketing strategies by automating certain repetitive tasks,” says Robin Snow, founder and principal of Aefinity Interactive, LLC. “[It] allows for personalized communication on a massive scale.”

While the idea of automating marketing initiatives is undeniably appealing, what does it involve in practical terms?

Snow says starting with a solid plan is key. “When selecting and implementing marketing automation technology (MAT) for your organization, you should always begin with a digital strategy blueprint. The blueprint should clearly define the business goals and objectives, new organizational and operational models, content workflows, and other specifics. It will form the basis of the features and requirements document and subsequent request for proposal (RFP) from potential technology and service partners.

Read Snow’s article now to:

  • Find out where to get an excellent digital marketing technology solution RFP template
  • Get more tips on how to succeed with your marketing automation strategy
  • And get a full list of marketing automation platform features and capabilities.

Go there now: What Is Marketing Automation and How Can You Leverage It at Your Healthcare Organization?

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