Marketing Operations Platform Centralizes Processes for Baptist Health

December 18, 2019
Katie Jimenez, director of digital engagement at Baptist Health

Katie Jimenez, director of digital engagement at Baptist Health

The marketing technology (MarTech) industry is booming. The landscape has grown from 150 solutions in 2011 to 7,040 in 2019.

It’s easy to see why — marketing departments need systems to provide oversight of projects.

More and more companies are turning to marketing operations management systems to oversee the marketing process from start to finish. For healthcare marketers, it can help teams work more efficiently while also ensuring that usage of data and patient information is compliant.

“A marketing operations platform is a holistic platform that includes project management, review and approval, compliance, digital asset management, brand management, and workflow,” says Todd Eckler, general manager of marketing technology at IntelligenceBank, a marketing software company.

That integration was one of the driving forces that prompted Baptist Health, an eight-hospital system based in Kentucky and southern Indiana, to choose IntelligenceBank.

“Our hospitals were used to operating individually, with their own personnel and their own processes. They were their own brands. We were looking for a way to govern our brand guidelines internally and externally, as well as find a cohesive way to save and file assets and manage marketing projects,” says Katie Jimenez, director of digital engagement at Baptist Health.

“If you look at any healthcare department, there is a core technology that does the bulk of the work that department needs to do — like the customer service department has a CRM and finance has an ERP platform,” Eckler explains. “On the marketing side of things, historically, it’s been a bunch of little things like Adobe, spreadsheets, email, other things not working together.”

“Everything is now in one central location with a seamless proofing and approval workflow,” says Jimenez.

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