Driving Brand Experience with Data

November 15, 2019

Ask the Expert, with Drew Diskin, Director of Marketing Technology, Virtua Health

// By Jared Johnson //

Data available to marketers today is key to creating brand experiences that last, but only when used at patients’ decision points. Drew Diskin, director of marketing technology for Virtua Health, recently shared with me how the healthcare system underwent a departmental transformation that resulted in a unique approach to being agile with data.

eHST: In general, where should healthcare marketers focus today, and how is it different from two to three years ago?

Drew Diskin, director of marketing technology for Virtua Health

Drew Diskin, director of marketing technology for Virtua Health

DD: First, authenticity. Connecting with patients and treating them like the educated consumers they are requires a higher level of sensitivity and empathy. Authenticity and transparency are the tenets of building trust, as healthcare is relational — versus purely transactional.

Second, agility. Healthcare marketers need to be able to be agile with their advertising campaigns currently in the market. The ability to see what is happening in real time and make iterative adjustments in operational staff support — within the messaging delivery from landing-page submissions, or within online advertisements — presents a huge opportunity for marketers to be nimble and in sync with the market’s response.

Third, reliability. Highly reliable organizations invest in supporting their customers’ communities, lifestyles, and ongoing needs. Today’s healthcare marketers also need to be advocates for our patients. Listening to the data and being empathetic learners, we can help surface important concerns and opportunities.

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