Innovation Shaping the Future at Jefferson Health

July 11, 2018
Steve Klasko

Steve Klasko, chief executive officer, Jefferson Health

It’s appropriate that a health system named after the author of the famous document that begins with “When in the course of human events…” should demonstrate a strong commitment to human-centered design.

Under the leadership of chief executive officer Steve Klasko, MD, MBA, recently named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People for 2018, Jefferson Health is reimagining healthcare to better meet the needs of its consumers.

Klasko’s 2018 book Bless This Mess: A Picture Story of Healthcare in America begins with this fanciful, futuristic prologue:

It’s 2035 and the Intergalactic Health Council has invited the United States of America to join the Council as an exemplar of great healthcare for all its people… a race called humans has developed healthcare delivery that is equitable, personal, driven by community interaction, and technologically advanced with a human touch. Most importantly, health is now considered a team sport involving the person and their entire team of partner-providers.

Jefferson’s four-year-old innovation team, the DICE (Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience) group, aspires to achieve this vision over the next few years.

Viraj Patwardhan

Viraj Patwardhan, director of digital consumer experience, Jefferson Health

We recently interviewed Viraj Patwardhan, director of digital consumer experience at the DICE group. He explains the philosophy and methodology underpinning the innovation group’s work, shares a case study of an award-winning project, and discusses DICE’s collaboration with some of the world’s most recognized technology companies to reimagine healthcare.

“At Jefferson, we are blessed to have a CEO who strongly believes that we have to reimagine the way care is delivered,” says Patwardhan.

Read the full article now: Inventive Minds Chart the Future at Jefferson Health

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