A Multichannel Strategy Focusing Attention on Cancer Care

April 5, 2017

We’ve written extensively about the need for different skills in healthcare marketing. A recurring theme is: MarCom is out and MarTech is in. But the truth is, we need both. The goal of everything we do as marketers is to communicate clearly and effectively, no matter which channel we’re doing it in. One thing healthcare does not need is more silos.

NewYork-Presbyterian LogoDavid Feinberg, former vice president and chief marketing officer at NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP) drives this point home. “Digital is not a strategy,” he says. “You have a communications strategy. You develop those key message points and use all the armamentarium you have. They should not be competitive. They should be collaborative.”

In our new article, Feinberg and colleagues share a case study of a highly successful integrated campaign that demonstrates the effectiveness of beginning with the strategy, not the channel. Read it now:

NewYork-Presbyterian’s Communications Strategy Leverages All Channels to Put the Spotlight on Cancer Research and Treatment

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