Healthcare Marketing on TikTok: How to Optimize Content for Your Audience

May 17, 2023

You might scoff at the idea of launching a healthcare marketing campaign on TikTok. But the truth is, your audience is there and waiting to hear from you. Melanie Graham recently sat down with two marketing experts to learn how to optimize content for this massively popular platform.

Headshot of Craig Fairfield. He is wearing a navy blue shirt and crossing his arms. In the article, he talks about healthcare marketing on TikTok.

Craig Fairfield, managing director, Wax Custom Communications

“I’ll admit, I’m a TikTok skeptic,” she says.

“Why would a healthcare marketer spend their limited time and resources on a channel meant for teenagers scouting the latest lip sync challenges and dance routines?

“But after sitting down with Amanda Herriman and Craig Fairfield of Wax Custom Communications, I saw the light. And it’s a fast-moving, addictive light set to trending Top-40 music.

“’Like any other social media channel, healthcare marketers need to consider TikTok as part of their strategy because their audience is there,’ says Herriman, a senior marketing strategist for Wax Custom Communications. ‘Remember when healthcare marketers were skeptical about joining Facebook? We all ended up going there because that’s where our audience was.’

“Herriman and Fairfield are seasoned pros at TikTok marketing and have the data and knowledge to prove it. And for those of you who attended the 2022 Healthcare Internet Conference, you may remember their master class on the subject.

“We sat down with the Wax Communications duo to get their advice for healthcare marketers hoping to dip their toes into this highly popular short-form video channel.”

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