Don’t Overlook the Importance of Page Speed

November 1, 2017
Petra Gregorová, senior software engineer at ConnectiveDX

Petra Gregorová, senior software engineer at Connective DX

As the number of users accessing the internet from mobile devices continues to climb, an optimized mobile experience is becoming a must-have for healthcare and other industries.

How long does it take your hospital website to load on a mobile device? According to a study by Google, 22 seconds is the average time to fully load a mobile landing page—but 53 percent of visitors will wait a mere 3 seconds before abandoning a site.

The Google study found a high probability that as the number of page elements increases, conversion rates will decrease. And marketers are sometimes the culprit.

In a new article, we spoke with Petra Gregorová, senior software engineer at Connective DX, to look at and test several health system sites and better understand how they (and most sites) can be improved technically to improve the user experience and to boost marketing performance.

Read it now: Count to Three and They’re Gone — Why Page Speed Matters

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