7 Smart Podcasts for Healthcare Marketers

March 20, 2019
Jane Weber Brubaker

Jane Weber Brubaker, executive editor of Plain-English Health Care

What is it about podcasts that makes the good ones so fun to listen to? Here’s what we think: It’s the same reason you wind up sitting in your parked car, having arrived at your destination, so you can hear the end of a great story on NPR.

It’s real. It’s in-depth. It’s not just a 15-second sound bite on the evening news. It may not be perfect — it doesn’t have to be scripted. It’s mostly just good conversation among smart people talking about things that interest you.

In our new story, we’ve selected a few of our favorites from industry leaders, including some of our own Editorial Advisory Board members — about digital marketing, culture, and communications — and we added a couple of other very popular podcasts that define the space and set the bar for others.

There are 630,000 podcasts out there, according to Podcast Insights. In a new article, Jane Weber Brubaker, executive editor of Plain-English Health Care offers seven great ones, hand-picked just for you.

Read the full article now: Podcast Picks.

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