Align Your Technology Goals with Customer Demands

March 13, 2019

Digital experience isn’t just digital anymore. It’s not enough to build a great new website, or launch a mobile app. Your digital initiatives have to connect with and support the entire customer experience. That’s what consumers have grown to expect. It’s not good enough to optimize some parts of the customer journey for the 21st century and leave others back in the last century. So how do you identify the gaps? And how do you close them?

Chris Riegger, COO, Modea

Chris Riegger, COO, Modea

In our new article, Chris Riegger, COO at Modea, shares his perspectives on the best ways to align technology goals with customer demands.

eHST: What is digital transformation, and where is healthcare on the continuum?

CR: I would say the majority of healthcare systems have really taken tremendous steps forward with the web. They’ve gone to a really modern information architecture and UX, and they’re presenting a better web experience to their customers, to their patients, and consumers. I feel like we’re well past the halfway point of the adoption curve of healthcare providers dramatically improving their web experience.

What we see happening more and more is that many of our clients have a great web experience, but it’s only skin deep.

I’ve had experiences where I’ve gone online to a healthcare provider’s website. It looks great, it works well, and I’m having a good digital experience. But then I click through to pay my bill and I get punted out to a third-party billing platform. Or I see a provider I’m interested in, she looks like a great doctor, I’m excited. But then I call and have a pretty crappy experience on the phone. And I find out that I need a referral and there’s a six-month waiting list.

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