Twitter: It’s No Longer All About The Clicks

September 13, 2017

Twitter logoIt’s no secret that Twitter is a mainstay of the healthcare marketing tool kit. But as the social media landscape evolves, Twitter’s role as a content marketing channel is evolving as well.

Although it comes as no real surprise to marketers, Facebook continues to keep its place at the top of the social media food chain. The social network boasted 2 billion monthly active users in June 2017. YouTube wasn’t too far behind, with 1.5 billion monthly users. Instagram is also maintaining a strong spot among platforms, reporting more than 700 million active users in April 2017.

Twitter, on the other hand, has fallen behind in its user growth. Although it surpassed expectations early in the year, the social channel announced in July it did not gain any new users in the second quarter of 2017, maintaining its 328 million total users reported a few months earlier.

With Twitter lagging behind Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, should it keep its spot as a pillar of social strategy? How can healthcare marketers get the most out of the slow-growing Twitter user base?

Find out now: As Twitter Numbers Lag, Experts Focus on Conversation Over Clicks

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