Hiding in Plain Sight: A Solution to Patient Engagement You May Already Have

December 27, 2016

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Looking for a technology solution to stay in closer touch with patients between visits? Maybe your patients over age 50 haven’t scheduled their colonoscopy yet. Some patients may need closer contact after being discharged from the hospital, or they have a chronic condition like diabetes, hypertension, or COPD and need to be monitored between office visits.

Allison Hart, Vice President of Marketing Communications at West

Allison Hart, Vice President of Marketing Communications at West

The solution may be hiding in plain sight. If you are already sending automated appointment or payment reminders, you may be able to use the same type of technology to send clinical communications to patients who need more frequent contact, freeing up staff time for higher-level tasks. Not only that, patients will probably appreciate it, according to a recent study.

Do patients really want that much interaction from their healthcare providers? A surprising number have already received text, voice, or email communications from their physicians, and felt it enhanced the relationship. Continue reading to see what kinds of communications patients value, and we’ll also share two illustrative success stories from Ochsner Health and HealthCare Partners.

“A lot of these hospitals have this technology in place, but they just might not be thinking about how they can leverage it in this way,” says Allison Hart, Vice President of Marketing Communications at West.

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