Is Web Personalization Worth the Investment? How Two Health Systems Are Making the Case

August 31, 2022

As a healthcare marketer, how can you justify the investment required for web personalization?

While web personalization is perceived by many healthcare systems to enhance their digital marketing and improve the customer experience, a sizeable number of organizations find the tools challenging and have difficulty measuring success. Geonetric’s 2021 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends survey showed that many healthcare marketers are excited by web personalization and think it’s important, but don’t necessarily have the capacity or ability to execute it or are under-investing in it. Many are early in the journey.

In a presentation at the 2022 HMPS Summit, Selene Mejia, digital marketing director at University Health; Jeremy Rogers, executive director, digital marketing and experience at Indiana University Health; and Ben Dillon, chief strategy officer at Geonetric, engaged in a panel discussion on taking a personalized approach to care, and shared their experiences and recommendations.

Read our newest article to get:

  • Highlights from the Digital Marketing Trends survey
  • Insight into how two healthcare organizations have justified the investment for web personalization
  • Details of different types of personalization methods they’re using
  • Recommendations on how your healthcare organization can take the lead in adopting web personalization

Read the full article here: Take Your Personalized Approach to Care to the Web

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