Learn How Podcasts Can Be a Primary Content-Generation Tool

December 29, 2021
Bill Klaproth

Bill Klaproth, director of marketing and production for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD

Versatile podcasts can stand on their own as a popular source of content, but they are also a great way to stoke the content-generation engine, especially for healthcare communications and marketing programs.

“It all starts with a podcast,” says Bill Klaproth, director of marketing and production for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD. Klaproth, who provides podcast services to healthcare organizations, recently shared some of his best practices and professional tips, along with Ashley Schroeder, senior marketing specialist at Bryan Health in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Bryan Health Podcast has been well received, Schroeder says, with average downloads per episode of more than 12,000. “We love podcasts,” Schroeder says. “They’ve been a great way to support marketing. We do two a month. It’s our sweet spot.”

Klaproth and Schroeder stressed that podcasts are the workhorse in generating content that is easily repackaged for ad campaigns, blogs, news releases, newsletters, publications, social media, web pages, and more. “Each podcast is its own marketing asset,” says Klaproth. “Repurpose your podcasts and promote them on your social media and other communication venues,” he adds.

“You can take a podcast and make it into a blog by using transcription software. You’re not starting from scratch, just repurposing it. Podcasting makes it easier to get content,” he says.

“No one pays attention to you until you offer a solution to their problems,” Klaproth says. When it comes to podcasts, he suggests researching what interests your audience, and offering shows on those topics. Searching Google trends will help inform podcast topics. He also suggests using the CDC Tracker to determine what diseases or health concerns are prevalent in your community. “Topic-based podcasts find their audience,” he says.

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