Managing Your Online Presence When Money Is Tight: Where Not to Scrimp and Save

March 13, 2023

// By JoAnne Gritter //

Gritter-JoAnne-DDMAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When you’re asked to make budget cuts, some things should not be on the chopping block.

Who will visit your website or download your app today? What about in the future? Who in your health system will be responsible for serving patients, clinicians, and other visitors after your own career has taken you elsewhere?

Investing in your company’s digital infrastructure goes beyond protecting what you know to be vulnerable now ― particularly your health system’s proprietary data, plus the data of your patients and clinicians. It involves investing in what you can’t predict about tomorrow. Even if you understand your system inside and out, that knowledge goes only so far toward maintaining an online presence.

When budgeting for a possible economic downturn, it’s tempting to cut spending on your organization’s digital experience initiatives. But where shouldn’t you scrimp and save — even when times are tough?

That answer requires a forward-thinking mindset and plenty of digital expertise.

Here are five areas of digital healthcare operations you shouldn’t compromise on when finances are tight.

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