Online Scheduling Solution Streamlines Access at Prevea Health

April 5, 2018

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Online scheduling is something we take for granted when it comes to making a dinner reservation or booking a flight. But it’s been a tough nut to crack for healthcare systems, and a source of frustration for patients when it’s not available. It seems like it should be easy. In reality, it’s complex.

Upstream from online scheduling functionality are a host of considerations, centered on giving patients access to the right provider at the right time at the right location in the right care setting. “Scheduling is the last mile of that access problem,” says Puneet Maheshwari, chief executive officer of DocASAP.

DocASAP LogoPrevea Health in Green Bay, Wisconsin launched DocASAP’s solution in March. The technology addresses many of the multispecialty group’s unique needs. “The majority, if not all the tools that we found in the market were very cookie-cutter—where, how many, and what time?” says Ashok Rai, MD, Prevea’s president and chief executive officer. “But in healthcare, there is also the what—what services are needed? What problems do you have?”

Prevea Health Logo

The complexity doesn’t stop there. What pathways do consumers take to find a doctor? Which type of provider is the best choice for them? Do they need an office visit? An urgent care clinic? A trip to the ED? On the physician side, does improving access mean providers have to give up control of their schedules? What happens if patients schedule an appointment with the wrong provider—an orthopedist, for example, when they really needed a pain specialist?

The better a health system is at helping patients navigate these complexities, the greater the opportunity for increasing market share. Has your health system built an easy on-ramp for patients? Continue reading to learn why Prevea Health is so optimistic about the future.

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