Riverview Health Mines Data to Uncover New Opportunities and Drive Growth

October 22, 2020

// By Jim Samuel //

Health systems and hospitals can use data they already have to help set marketing priorities and determine the best use of their budgets.

That was just one of the lessons identified during “Using Analytics to Inform, Plan, and Optimize Marketing,” a presentation given during the 2020 Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Virtual Summit. The talk was presented by Brandy Hill, director of marketing and public relations at Riverview Health in Noblesville, Indiana, and Mahek Thakkar, manager of integrated marketing at Healthgrades.

Brandy Hill, director of marketing and public relations at Riverview Health

Brandy Hill, director of marketing and public relations, Riverview Health

Hill and Thakkar describe how Riverview uses existing data from its customer relationship management (CRM) system to identify new opportunities.

In addition, Hill says Riverview’s experience showed that brand awareness marketing campaigns “can make a huge impact” and that they can generate better results than service-line-specific campaigns alone.

The experience also shows that omnichannel marketing campaigns can generate the best results. “All of our different programs and channels working together will show the best results for our marketing campaigns,” Hill explains.

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