Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Justify Bigger Budgets for North Shore-LIJ

May 20, 2015

nslij_logoIn this week’s ezine, we take a look at a case study we’ve recently posted online that explores how the North-Shore-LIJ Health System used successful digital marketing campaigns for specific service lines to not only drive profitable volume, but also to justify greater investment in this type of healthcare marketing campaign.

What if you could reduce cost per acquisition by $200 or more compared to industry averages? “We’re running anywhere from 400 to 500 campaigns at a time across the country,” says J.K. Lloyd, President and Co-Founder of Eruptr, a Washington, D.C., digital marketing agency focused on healthcare. “We typically see campaigns that will convert for MRI and imaging to the tune of $300 to $500 per conversion.”

North Shore-LIJ’s cost per acquisition was significantly lower for its search engine marketing campaign, designed to drive mammogram, MRI and CT Scan appointments.

When the health system implemented a digital branding campaign to raise awareness for its Cancer Institute, more than a million YouTube viewers saw the branding message, but North Shore paid for only a fraction of those impressions.

Based on these promising results, North Shore-LIJ substantially expanded its digital marketing budget.

Find out how North Shore-LIJ, working with Eruptr, achieved positive, measurable results in key strategic areas using digital marketing tools, read our latest article, North Shore-LIJ Health System Raises Brand Awareness and Drives Volume at a Low Cost Per Acquisition with Highly Measurable Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Best regards,
Jane Weber Brubaker



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