The Future Is Here: Why Your Health Content Should Be Ready for Voice Search

September 3, 2019

// By Ahava Leibtag //

On Prime Day 2019, the Amazon Echo Dot was on sale for as low as $22 — less than half its usual price.

And people jumped on the opportunity to welcome a voice assistant into their homes. According to Amazon, millions of Alexa-enabled devices were sold during the first 24 hours of Prime Day.

Soon, if your household doesn’t have a voice assistant, you’ll be in the minority. NPR reports that 14 million people in the U.S. got their first smart speaker device in 2018.

Your website needs voice-optimized health content now more than ever.

People Own Voice Assistants — But Do They Use Them?

If you’ve ever had a treadmill that turned into a clothes rack, you know that owning is not the same as using. Is voice search here to stay?

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